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Access Seattle Clears the Air

A salon and spa experience is commonly meant to be a pampering and relaxing one—sometimes even with aromatherapy. Yet for a salon in the Pike-Pine corridor the aroma nearby was anything but therapeutic, and the salon owner called on the City to clear the air. The Access Seattle team which works to reduce construction impacts and keep communities thriving during considerable development, jumped in to help.Bowie Spa-Belmont (3)

Seems a construction project directly across the street from Bowie Salon & Spa on Capitol Hill was having its crew’s porta potties cleaned twice weekly and the odor was wafting toward the nearby businesses. The salon specifically noted that the intense odor was detracting from the pleasant experience they strive to create for customers.

Bowie Spa-Belmont (4)The Access Seattle team works with contractors, residents and businesses to find solutions, and in this situation suggested a porta potty cleaning scheduling change. The cleaning was apparently happening right in the middle of spa hours…so a few coordination discussions later, the twice weekly cleanings were moved to a day when the salon is closed and to a time before the salon is open. With the air now “clear,” Bowie Salon & Spa is enjoying the aroma of success.