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Bicycle Safety and Transit Improvements along Roosevelt Way NE

SDOT is repaving Roosevelt Way NE between Fuhrman Ave NE and NE 65th Street and adding safety improvements this fall 2015 to spring 2016. Along with meeting Seattle’s basic maintenance needs, we are adding a one-way Protected Bike Lane (PBL) on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE, transit reliability improvements and pedestrian improvements.

Project Map

Roosevelt Overview Map

Roosevelt Overview Map

Last fall we mailed project fliers, letters and held an open house to talk about the paving project. At that time we were only planning on installing the PBL from the University Bridge to NE 45th Street. At the open house, we shared that there were a few project components we hoped to add should funding become available. These included in-lane transit stops for better bus reliability and sidewalk repairs for easier pedestrian movement.

Since the open house, some funding for these improvements has been identified. This triggered another evaluation of how the project will best meet our Complete Streets Ordinance and transportation modal plan recommendations. Shifting the transit stops in-lane provided us with an opportunity to add the PBL recommended in the Bicycle Master Plan. There have been nine collisions involving bikes between NE 45th and NE 65th streets from October 2010 to October 2014, so the PBL would be a safety improvement and create better connections to Seattle’s citywide bike network and multimodal system. We can leverage the Roosevelt Way NE Paving Project to make bicycling safer and more comfortable along the corridor.  And we can do it in a way that minimizes construction disruptions and helps meet our goal of providing people with more travel options.





What is the goal of adding a PBL?

Safety for all travelers

  • People biking – separate bicyclists from travel lanes and parking maneuvers
  • People walking – separate bicycles from pedestrians
  • People driving – provide predictability within the street


What are the benefits of adding a PBL and transit islands?

  • Improve safety, as people are no longer riding bikes in the “door zone” or being blocked by buses
  • Improve transit reliability by adding in-lane bus stops (transit islands)
  • Create more space for people waiting for the bus by adding transit islands
  • Add connections to a citywide bicycle network and multimodal system at:
    • NE 47th Street, which connects to the University Neighborhood Greenway on 12th Avenue NE
    • Ravenna Boulevard where SDOT is upgrading the buffered bike lane to a PBL this year
    • NE 65th Street, where the new Link Light Rail Station is under construction



The two existing general purpose lanes will remain and we’ll continue to prioritize bus service. However, on-street parking and loading zones would be removed on the west side of the street. We know that businesses and residents can come to rely on public parking and do not take this lightly. Parking utilization data collection is currently underway.

Existing Cross Section

Existing Cross Section

We also work with the public to understand their access needs and determine how we can continue to meet those needs with the addition of the new facility. Three drop-in sessions at various times are being held the week of January 19. We’re also conducting door to door outreach and meeting with individual businesses and neighborhood groups.

Proposed Cross Section

Proposed Cross Section

We’d like to invite you to attend one of three drop-in sessions to meet with project staff, ask questions and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 20|2 – 3:30 PM: University Heights, 5031 University Way NE

Wednesday, January 21|8 – 9:30 AM: Wayward Coffeehouse, 6417 Roosevelt Way NE

Thursday, January 22 | 5:30 – 7 PM: University Heights, 5031 University Way NE

You can find a comprehensive Questions and Answers document at: For more information about the Roosevelt Way NE Paving Project visit