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Shoreline Street Ends projects = equitable access


Click for larger view; Shoreline Street Ends Projects for 2015

The Shoreline Street Ends Program works to preserve and improve public access to our waterways, with projects focused on Seattle’s 149 public streets that end on waterfronts. Street ends are selected for improvement based on a prioritization scheme that came out of a 2009 analysis that examined gaps in shoreline access, open space, and accessibility.  Nine sites were selected as SDOT capital improvement projects to be completed by the end of 2015:

  1. S Willow Street
  2. 51st Avenue NE
  3. Eastlake Place NE
  4. E Allison Street
  5. 1st Avenue Bridge (E)
  6. 1st Avenue Bridge (W)
  7. 5th Avenue S
  8. 6th Avenue W
  9. S Warsaw Street


The first two projects listed above are already designed, with the S Willow Street site at South Seward Park expected to wrap up this week. Construction of improvements at 51st Avenue NE, next to Laurelhurst Beach Club, are scheduled to begin this Thursday. See below for area photos, on postcards mailed out to the area neighborhoods (click for larger versions).








A landscape architecture firm is designing all nine Shoreline Street End capital projects. On S Willow Street the design protects existing plants on the north side of the street, while planting new vegetation and placing boulder steps to connect seating to the beach. Be sure and visit this weekend, after the project is complete!


Yet another Shoreline Street End is set to be improved not as a capital project, but as part of a partnership with the University of Washington. UW students will design and construct a shoreline street end at 11th Avenue NW.


Be a part of the 11th Avenue NW student-powered effort by attending an open house at Ballard Public Library January 26th from 6PM to 7:30PM. It’s your chance to comment on design concepts and work to make Seattle’s community assets equitably accessible!