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Get Ready for Spring Showers

With spring just around the corner, SDOT irrigation crews are staying ahead of the curve by getting ready for warmer, drier weather. Right now, crews are working hard to update and repair irrigation systems all over the city so that Seattle’s landscapes are kept healthy and happy all summer long, while conserving as much water as possible. By implementing new spray head technologies, and by skillfully adjusting spray patterns, SDOT crews are able to ensure that just the right amount of water is used at each landscape.

15822824592_d9905b32dc_z cropOne example of the great work being done by these irrigation crews is the project being completed at NE 73rd Street and Roosevelt Way NE. The site’s existing irrigation system has kept the area’s turf, shrubs and trees alive and well for years, but the system’s aging technologies are using more water than is now necessary for the landscape’s size. When this project is completed, the site’s 58 existing irrigation spray heads will be removed and replaced with 15 high-efficiency heads. This new network of sprayers will then be carefully calibrated to achieve maximum coverage with minimal amounts of water.

These new irrigation techniques and technologies not only translate to cost savings in terms of lower water usage, but also to lower maintenance and repair costs when infrastructure is damaged due to vehicles, sediment buildup or debris. In more ways than one, a greener Seattle is on its way.