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23rd Avenue South and South Walker Street Area gets a Pedestrian-Friendly Makeover!

Pedestrians can now safely stroll along the east side of 23rd Avenue S between S College and S Waite streets, enjoying the new sidewalk, curb ramps, planting strips and trees (photo below).

23 Ave South - New Sidewalk

23 Ave South – New Sidewalk

Soon vehicles will also experience a smoother ride over the newly paved roadway along 23rd Avenue S in the same area. Over the past few months, SDOT has been working to install pedestrian and roadway safety improvements, to make the 23rd Avenue S and S Walker Street area more safe and comfortable for all modes of transportation.

To improve safety and access at street crossings the project installed a number of ADA compliant curb ramps along 23rd Avenue S, Rainier Avenue S and MLK Jr Way S and S Walker Street. Curb bulbs to improve visibility and reduce pedestrian crossing distance were installed on the east side of Rainier Avenue S and S Walker Street.

Additional segments of sidewalk were also installed on the south side of S College Street, from 23rd Avenue S to Rainier Avenue S and Rainier Avenue S between 23rd Avenue S and S Walker Street (see photo below).

South College Street - New Sidewalk

South College Street – New Sidewalk

The project will be completed over the next month as crews complete the installation of landscaping, curb ramps and signage.

Thank you for your patience during construction!

If you have any questions or comments about construction for this project, please email or call 206-615-1075.

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