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Did you know that Seattle is getting new on-street parking pay stations? We installed our first one today in Pioneer Square!

The first new On-Street Parking Pay Station installation

The first new On-Street Parking Pay Station installation

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has begun replacing the current on-street parking pay stations that were installed between 2004 and 2010. The first new pay station has been installed in Pioneer Square on Occidental Way South near CenturyLink Field. SDOT will replace or retrofit all 2,200 of the City’s on-street parking pay stations through 2016.

The New pay stations will provide a higher level of customer service and communications reliability. Credit card transaction times will decrease.  New credit card readers allow the user to maintain control of their card.  New back-office software will improve our ability to detect problems remotely and fix them faster. Changes to rates will be made wirelessly from the office instead of downloaded manually at each machine.  The new pay stations will allow for “time of day” pricing, with lower parking rates in the morning or other times of less demand.

SDOT will install the first new pay stations in the Pioneer Square neighborhood in April and May 2015. SDOT will then install new pay stations throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016 in all paid parking neighborhoods.

The new Pay Station is used by and demonstrated to SDOT Transit Div. Director Paulo Nunes-Ueno

The new Pay Station is being demonstrated to SDOT Transit Division Director Paulo Nunes-Ueno

Scheduled for 2015 installation: Capitol Hill, Chinatown-ID, Commercial Core, South Lake Union.

Scheduled for 2016 installation: 12th Avenue, Ballard, Ballard Locks, Belltown, Cherry Hill, Denny Triangle, First Hill, Fremont, Green Lake, Pike-Pine, Roosevelt, University District, Uptown, Uptown Triangle, Westlake Avenue North.





SDOT sets on-street parking rates and hours of operation based on occupancy data to achieve a goal of one to two available spaces per block to provide reliable access to visitors and customers.