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Community Planting Party

Seattle has 149 locations where a city street end meets a shoreline. And, as you might imagine, many of these locations could be useful, enjoyable public spaces – with a little help to reach their full potential! Here at SDOT, we are doing our best to transform each of these shoreline street ends into safe and accessible public spaces, while also shaping them into beautifully maintained parts of our ecosystem.

Fortunately for us, we are getting lots of help from surrounding neighborhoods! This weekend, Ballard-area community members are coming together to assist in shoreline improvement efforts by sprucing up one of their local street end locations. Saturday, May 9 from noon to 4 p.m., the 28th Ave NW shoreline street end will play host to a spring planting party – just in time to get things ready for the swimmers, kayakers, and boaters who will be frequenting the space during the coming summer months.


28th Ave NW Shoreline Street End

Are you interested in helping out at this weekend’s planting party? All are welcome, no matter your level of gardening experience or expertise. Just meet the work party between noon and 4 p.m. at the 28th Ave street end, a little south of the intersection of 28th Ave NW and NW 54th Street. Plants and some tools will be provided, but any additional shovels, rakes, or wheelbarrows you can bring will be much appreciated!

If you can’t make it this weekend but are interested in becoming a steward for another Shoreline Street End improvement project, use the map below to identify a site and then email Shannon Glass at to find out how to get started.

SSE map

(click map for larger image)


Check back with us next week as we’ll be posting photos of the 28th Ave work party, including before and after photos of space. In the meantime, we recommend you visit some of the already improved shoreline street ends, shown on the map above. Gather some friends or family and head out to enjoy some Seattle sunshine and a great waterfront view!