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Roxbury Safety Improvements Moving Forward

Safety improvements are moving forward for SW Roxbury Street!  Roxbury will be rechannelized from 4-lanes to 3-lanes between 35th Ave SW and 17th Ave SW and a number of additional safety enhancements are coming soon to one of Seattle’s southernmost arterials.

SDOT worked with the community for more than a year to develop a series of engineering and enforcement measures along the corridor to achieve our safety goals.  These additions include:

  • Reducing speed limit east of White Center to 30 mph to address persistent speed related crashes This will also create a consistent 30 mph speed limit for the entire corridor.
  • The reduced speed limit will be supported with two new radar speed signs that display the speed of drivers and remind drivers to drive the posted speed limit. New photo enforcement to cite speeders during school times were installed at Roxhill Elementary School and Holy Family School in the summer of 2014.
  • Pedestrian safety will be enhanced by adding a 5 foot buffer between cars and people walking on the sidewalk.
  • New sidewalks will be installed on the south side of Roxbury between 28th Ave SW and 30th Ave SW.
  • Repaving will occur between 25th Ave SW and 27th Ave SW and between 17th Ave SW and 18th Ave SW. New curb ramps will be installed at each intersection in these areas
SW Roxbury Street

SW Roxbury Street

At SW Roxbury St and Olson Place SW/4th Ave SW, SDOT will be enhancing safety at this location by installing:

  • Curve warning and advisory speed limit signs to address the pattern of collisions with people driving at excessive speeds.
  • New signs will be installed to clarify the left turning movement from 4th Ave SW to westbound Roxbury.

These improvements will be installed by September 2015 and will usher in a new era of safety on Roxbury.

If you have questions about the SW Roxbury Street safety projects, please contact Jim Curtin at 206-684-8874 or James Le at 206-684-3174