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Goat-powered Summer Vegetation Clearing in Seattle!

Our Goat friends along with Head Herder/Chief Wrangler Tammy are back in action for SDOT to help clear some unwanted invasive vegetation underneath the Viaduct near Leonora and Blanchard streets. Another example of SDOT using “green” technology to support environmental stewardship as summer approaches.

Goat powered vegetation clearing underneath the Viaduct.

Goat powered vegetation clearing underneath the Viaduct

The Goats will be around the next week or so, and are happy to clear the brush. As you may recall, Goats are waaay better suited to steep hillsides than humans, making it safer, more cost-effective and mutually beneficial to have this work done by goats than by humans. Clearing the invasive vegetation helps keep our eco-system and communities healthy by removing these non-indigenous quick growing plants. 

Baaaah...Baaah...We love Seattle almost-Summer.

Baaaah…Baaah…We love Seattle almost-Summer.

The Goats have four stomachs, so they can eat and digest the blackberry (thorns and all), and other invasive vegetation without repopulating the seeds anywhere, meaning they aren’t spreading the plants elsewhere.  We appreciate their “can-do” and “Goat-to” attitude.