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New Green Tech, Eco-friendly material donated to SDOT as Tree surround covering

SDOT recently worked with 3 local contractors to install donated eco-friendly material called “Flexi-Pave” (made of recycled passenger car tires and granite aggregate) around several trees in Seattle to demonstrate its use. The manufacturer K.B Industries of Florida provided the material to the city free of charge to show how it works and train local contractors to install it.

The highly porous material can displace water quickly and can be installed without migration meaning it doesn’t get washed away or moved by external forces like weather.  It can be used for a variety of applications including the tree surround covering, paths and roadways.

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Flexi-pave has been installed at eight trees along Pine Street between Second and Third avenues, and around five trees in McGraw Square.

Here are some of the advantages of using the flexible porous material in the tree surrounds:

  • A safe, stable surface for pedestrians
  • Allows air and water to pass into the soil to keep street trees healthy
  • Zero to low maintenance with no weed or unplanned vegetation growth and removal
  • Cheaper than traditional tree grates and doesn’t wash away
  • 400 Square feet of tree surround was covered using about 220 recycled passenger car tires


The Landscape Architect Unit provides Landscape Architectural design, design review & construction inspection services for City of Seattle Capital Improvement Projects and Department of Planning and Development private development projects to ensure tree preservation and code compliant landscape architectural improvements in the Right of Way (ROW).

The City of Seattle recognizes the importance of the preservation and stewardship of the trees and landscapes that make us the “Emerald City”.