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Join us at the Center City Bike Network Open House tonight!

Please join us tonight for the Center City Bike Network open house to meet the project team and share your vision for the project.

Tuesday, July 21, Town Hall Seattle at 1119 8th Ave from 5:00 – 7:00 PM

  • Learn the history and next steps in the selection and design process
  • Share specific input as well as your vision for a more vibrant city and safer traveling experience for people walking, biking and driving downtown
  • We’ll have activities for kids too!

The Seattle Department of Transportation is studying and prioritizing locations for a protected bicycle lane network in downtown Seattle. This work builds on outreach and data collected as part of Seattle’s 2014 Bicycle Master Plan. SDOT plans to implement the Center City Bike Network of protected bike lanes by 2020, pending funding availability.


Why Protected Bike Lanes?

U.S. cities are increasingly embracing protected bike lanes that separate people on bikes from people in cars by using physical barriers such as posts, parked cars or simple landscaping.
Seattle’s downtown network of protected bike lanes aims to:

  • Improve safety and predictability by separating all modes of travel
  • Expand connectivity throughout downtown and the rest of Seattle as our city continues to grow
  • Boost business by offering more travel options for getting to them
  • Promote physical activity and increase ridership by supporting people of all ages and abilities
  • Provide affordable travel options


Design that Builds on Best Practices

Like all good transportation systems, protected bike lanes require smart investments and careful planning. SDOT will use a combination of technical analysis, ongoing public input and coordination with projects such as the Center City Connector streetcar and Waterfront Seattle to design and phase-in cost-effective complete streets that are a win-win for everyone.

Outreach Process

Below is our outreach process for implementing bicycle projects (Bicycle Master Plan, page 94). This project primarily focuses on step 2, helping us prioritize the network and move through a portion of its design. Seattle has an ambitious schedule for implementing protected bike lanes in the Center City. Check out our five-year implementation plan.

As a part of the outreach for the project, SDOT has developed a Sounding Board made up of community members representing businesses, freight, people who bike, private development and residents. Learn more about the Sounding Board here.

Get Involved

Better bike infrastructure can benefit everyone especially when various perspectives are involved in the planning. SDOT is seeking input and guidance from people who live, travel and work downtown and in adjacent neighborhoods.

Outreach will include open houses, briefings, regular email updates, and a Sounding Board made up of Center City stakeholders.

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Project Contacts

Project Email:
SDOT Project Manager: Sandra “Sam” Woods
SDOT Communications Lead: Dawn Schellenberg