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Last Call for PARK(ing) Day Applications!

Last Call for PARK(ing) Day Applications!

Here at SDOT we’re all getting excited for PARK(ing) Day 2015, and there are only TWO DAYS until applications are due! All PARK(ing) Day application materials must be received by August 28, so it’s time to start thinking big. This is Seattle’s 9th year participating in PARK(ing) Day, and we’ve extended the hours so more people can join in on the fun! Pop-up parks can be open from 10 AM to 7 PM on Friday, September 18.

PARK(ing) Day is the perfect time to make your dream mini-park a reality. What sort of park do you want to see in Seattle? What types of ideas, topics, mantras, or experiences do you want to bring awareness to? Parks can be spaces for reflection, creativity, and solace from the work environment, and of course, places for play! PARK(ing) Day 2014 was our biggest one yet with over 50 pop-up parks, but we want this year to be even bigger!

So…don’t be afraid to get a little goofy on PARK(ing) Day!

PARKing Days Last Call

Feel free to sit back and relax!

PARKing Days Last Call2

But whatever you do, build, and create for PARK(ing) Day, don’t forget to have fun!

PARKing Days Last Call3

Are you ready? Send your PARK(ing) Day applications to by August 28, and show Seattle how wildly a few feet of pavement can transform for a day.

For additional information on PARK(ing) Day guidelines as well as application requirements, visit: