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Does Speed Matter?

We’ve all been there—you woke up late, you forgot to set an alarm, and now you’re rushing to get work. The posted speed is 20 mph…but 10 miles faster couldn’t make a difference—it’s almost everyone drives faster that the speed limit, and it’s more important to be on time, right? According to data from the U.K Department of Transportation, 10 miles per hour can affect the seriousness of collisions. If someone is hit by a vehicle going 20 mph, nine out ten pedestrians will survive. Hit at 30 mph, five out of ten will survive. And one out of ten pedestrians will survive if hit at 40 mph. It’s surprising to see how a difference of 20 miles reverses the survival rates of people hit by moving vehicles.


The faster you drive, the narrower your field of vision becomes. At 15 mph, you have time to not only see the road, but you can process pedestrians, bikers, and side road activity much easier than at 30 mph.


Reducing your speed by five miles per hour will only add about a minute to your commute. This minute could save someone’s life.

So next time you are running a little late, consider taking a deep breath, and slowing down. One vehicle at a time, we can make a difference in others’ lives.