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Getting Around Town this Fall


Now that school’s back in session, many students have a regular transportation route established. If you’re looking for new ways to get to class or backup plans in case your trip is interrupted, check out a couple of options:

Take to the sidewalks

If you live close enough to your destination, we encourage you to travel using the sidewalks. This SDOT Pedestrian Map will give you multiple routes you can take throughout the city, so you can exercise as little or as much as you’d prefer.

Ride a bike or use a bike share network

Another mode of transportation to consider is bicycles. For traveling downtown, you can take advantage of the Second Avenue protected bikes lanes. If you’re near Ravenna, try out the new PBL installed on NE Ravenna Boulevard. To travel on Capitol Hill, we recommend taking the Broadway PBL. You can view maps of more protected bike lanes here.

You can also participate in Seattle’s bike sharing system, Pronto. With 50 stations throughout the city, you can check out bikes every day of the week! To sign up for Pronto bike share click here.

Consider transit

Transit allows travelers to bus in, around, and out of Seattle. To help plan your trip, use this Trip Planner to find the best times to leave and arrive at your destinations. If you have a smartphone, the mobile applications One Bus Away and Transit App are great resources to see trip times, potential routes, and maps.


If it makes more sense to drive, a good way to reduce delays and speed up your trip may be to carpool. The fewer cars on the road, the less congestion there will be! Hop in with a few (or a lot) of friends, and your trip could be a little less stressful.

SDOT wishes you happy travels, and a great school year!