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First Hill Streetcar Begins New Phase of Testing

FHS Update

The streetcar manufacturer recently completed acceptance tests on five new streetcars for the First Hill Line. Acceptance tests focused on the performance of the streetcars to make sure they meet requirements for acceleration and braking rates, among other performance parameters. These cars are now moving into “post-performance testing” of reliability after crews complete final inspections and put on the finishing touches on each car. Expect to see the cars moving about the alignment more regularly.  Each car must be operated for at least 500 kilometers (310 miles), with no failures of equipment in the last 100 kilometers.  If there are any issues in that last 100 kilometers, the test of the last 100 kilometers is re-started until there are no failures.

Although these tests are focused on reliable vehicle performance, rather than a simulation of the service plan, the testing will occur throughout much of the day and evening, offering a preview of what it will be like to have the cars in service.  If you are walking, biking or driving along the First Hill Streetcar, pay extra attention and follow our safety tips, which you can find at: