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SDOT Crews Make Getting around North Green Lake Easier and Safer

Here’s an update on safety improvements in the Green Lake neighborhood. This summer SDOT crews repaved two blocks of E Green Lake Dr N and improved curb ramps at three intersections in the heart of the business district on the north side of Green Lake Park.  By focusing improvements on this important location, SDOT improved safety and mobility for people walking, biking, driving, riding the bus or simply passing through the park.  SDOT made extra efforts to minimize impacts to the community during this project.

SDOT crews repaved E Green Lake Dr N from Wallingford Ave N to N 78th St.  The asphalt pavement at the bus stop was quite damaged from the usual wear and tear of buses. Instead of paving the bus stop with asphalt again, SDOT invested additional funds to build a concrete “bus pad,” which holds up to the weight of buses much better.

Green Lake PavingWhen SDOT repaves a street, federal law requires us to have curb ramps which are up to current standards.  Therefore, we rebuilt old curb ramps and created two curb ramps where none previously existed at Wallingford Ave N, Stroud Ave N and N 78th St.  As a bonus, the design of the new curb ramp at Wallingford Ave N keeps polluted water runoff on the street and directs it toward storm drains.  The previous curb ramp allowed water runoff to flow into the park and toward the children’s wading pool.  (see pictures)

Green Lake Curb Ramp

SDOT was keenly aware of the many shoppers, walkers, joggers, and everyone else who uses this popular business district and the well-used paths around the Green Lake.  We built the curb ramps in phases to minimize disruptions and we worked with our friends at the Parks Dept. to schedule the project to avoid the big summer events at Green Lake Park.  We also posted signs at key locations in the park to inform folks using the Green Lake Path how to keep moving while avoiding construction areas.  outreach sign

This project was funded by SDOT’s Arterial Major Maintenance program, where SDOT crews repave sections of arterials up to two blocks long which are in the greatest need of repair.