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Safety Enhancements Continue along Lake City Way

Safety along Lake City Way has improved as work continues along this corridor.

The safety improvement work at 24th Avenue NE and Lake City Way is mostly complete making this intersection safer and more comfortable for people walking and driving.

LCW 12-2-15

These improvements were recommended by the community and funded by the Bridging the Gap levy, the Vision Zero program and through a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation:

• New crosswalks and a traffic signal improves safety for all modes of travel.
• New sidewalks and accessible curb ramps at the intersections provides a more accessible route for people with disabilities to safely transition between the road and sidewalk.
• Access to transit has been significantly improved by relocating the previous bus Bus stop improvements and adding a curb bulb on the southeast corner of Lake City Way NE near NE 104th Way

Farther north, construction work at Lake City Way NE and NE 110th Street is still underway and nearing completion. We appreciate your patience during construction. The work at this intersection aims to:

• Reduce vehicle speeds and pedestrian collisions.
• Improve safety on the walking and biking route to Nathan Hale High School and nearby homes and businesses.
• Improve access to transit for Nathan Hale High School students and the surrounding community.

Improvements at Lake City Way NE & NE 110th Street was funded by an SDOT-supported program and a WSDOT grant.

SDOT will continue to enhance safety on Lake City Way in 2016 and beyond.