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SDOT Maintenance Crews Built 200 Curb Ramps This Year

SDOT’s maintenance operations crews have been busy all year repaving streets, extending the life of residential streets and repairing damaged sidewalks.

As part of these maintenance projects, our crews built over 200 new curb ramps this year.  The ramps are required by a federal law which kicks in whenever we resurface a street or repair a sidewalk at a crosswalk.  All the associated corners within these projects must have curb ramps which meet current standards for accessibility.  These means SDOT crews replace outdated curb ramps with new ones that are easier to use, or we add curb ramps where none existed before.

As a result, these maintenance projects – which are usually thought of as simply “repaving” – improve mobility for people traveling in all sorts of ways.  We make it easier to get around whether you’re in a bus, on a bike, in a car, on foot, in a wheelchair, pushing a stroller or otherwise benefit from an assessable ramp instead of a curb.

Bonus: In addition to these 200+ curb ramps, even more ramps were built as part of SDOT’s large scale arterial paving projects, which are carried out by contractors.

Here are some Before and After photos of the new Curb Ramps:
Curb2Curb 3
Please click here for more on SDOT’s Street Maintenance Sidewalk Repair Program and on SDOT’s Pedestrian Master Plan.