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Seattle Welcomes BMW ReachNow Car Share!

The City of  Seattle was represented at BMW’s ReachNow car share service launch event in Capitol Hill today. The car share is the second free floating car share service in Seattle. ReachNow has been issued permits for a fleet of  370 vehicles  that are made up of BMW 3 Series, Mini Cooper or the electric i3 cars that can use on-street paid parking and zone parking spots in Seattle.

In January 2015, the Seattle City Council expanded the free-floating car share program. Based on data from a 2015 annual free-floating car share survey, car share vehicles have been shown to take up a relatively small amount of business district on-street parking and the vehicles typically turn over more frequently, allowing other uses of and consistent customer and visitor access to the curb space.

BMWs lined up


SDOT Director Scott Kubly (left) listens as Deputy Mayor Joncas chats with the audience.

BMW Board member Peter Schwarzenbauer thanked Deputy Mayor Kate Joncas, SDOT Director Scott Kubly and Council member Mike O’Brien, who chairs the Transportation Committee, for their work in bringing this new transportation option to Seattle.

SDOT Director Scott Kubly,  Deputy Mayor Kate Joncas and BMW's Peter Schwarzenbauer.

SDOT Director Scott Kubly, Deputy Mayor Kate Joncas and BMW’s Peter Schwarzenbauer.

Car share services are just one way to get around the city. For more information on car share services, go here.

Seattle has a lot of other options for getting around – walking, biking, transit, driving and ridesharing. Check out some of the tools available in our Way To Go Program and find out how to get where you’re going!