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Construction Coordination in the City

Seattle continues to grow rapidly, as you might notice by the number of construction cranes along our skyline. SDOT manages private construction projects across the city within “Construction Hubs” – the downtown core, South Lake Union and Capitol Hill areas – through a program called Construction Coordination.

crane 1

Here are some of the ways Construction Coordinators and Inspectors keep people moving through the city:

  • Evaluating right-of-way impacts during individual projects and for all projects within each Hub
  • Coordinating and consolidating temporary closures, detours and routes
  • Maintaining access to and through impacted areas
  • Facilitating dialog between contractors and the community/businesses
  • Acting as one point of contact to respond and resolve construction related issues in real time
  • Helping public agencies and private contractors work cooperatively to optimize mobility in impact areas
  • Holding regular stakeholder meetings to notify business and neighborhood groups of upcoming development and right-of-way impacts

construction 2


The revised SDOT Director’s Rule for Pedestrian Mobility Around Work Zones is now official, with standards to make it easier and safer for people to walk in Seattle. The new standards took effect in January 2016 for new projects.

The rule includes:

  • New standards on the types of materials to be used and their placement
  • Direction on creating well-maintained pathways and clear signage
  • More details on meeting American with Disabilities Act requirements
  • All categories under SMC Title 15 Street and Sidewalk Use

SDOT will work with existing projects and new 2016 construction to help ensure safety and mobility for people walking near work zones.


All construction permits issued by SDOT’s Street Use Division are subject to inspection. Inspections are required to ensure that all conditions of the permit have been met and that the public’s safety, mobility and interests are preserved. Street Use inspectors also respond to and investigate citizen inquiries about unsafe conditions or construction activity in the right of way. See more information about SDOT Street Use Permits here. 

If you have a construction related access question, please contact