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Crews Complete 1,000 Repairs on Neighborhood Streets

SDOT paving crews have been hard at work preparing neighborhood streets for our 2016 microsurfacing project.

As described in an earlier blog post, microsurfacing extends the life of streets that are in good condition by protecting the pavement from the impacts of water and the sun.

SDOT plans to microsurface over 60 lane-miles of streets this summer including some in South Beacon Hill, Lake City and the Matthews Beach area. Click here for 2016 locations. While these streets are generally in good condition, over time they have developed potholes and worn areas, and these imperfections need to be repaired for the microsurfacing treatment to be effective.


Patches of pavement needing repair.

SDOT staff evaluated all the streets to be microsurfaced this year and identified the locations where focused, relatively small repairs were needed for the entire block to be in good condition. Crews then went to work filling potholes, replacing small patches of worn or damaged pavement, repairing eroded street edges and sometimes repaving strips of pavement up to a block long.  The type and size of the repairs vary greatly, and each location requires a response tailored to the situation.


Before and after prep work.

After many months of work, our crews are almost done with this project, so we tallied up the number of individual repairs they made.

MOD7Thank you, SDOT crews, you completed over 1,000 focused repairs on neighborhood streets!


Completed repairs in preparation for microsurfacing.

We’ll be ready for microsurfacing to start in late July!