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Traffic Calming and Speed Cushions

Our Traffic Calming Program encompasses a broad range of measures to improve street safety and encourages travelers to drive more slowly. Narrow streets, curved streets, trees, and parked cars can send visual cues to drivers to slow down. SDOT can also determine whether to install a Physical Traffic Calming Device, such as a traffic circle or speed cushions, to make a street more safe.

In June, speed cushions were installed on Boyer Ave E between E Hamlin St and 24th Ave E in the Montlake neighborhood to provide a safer environment for people walking and biking.


Speed cushions installed on Boyer Avenue East.

Speed cushions are designed to reduce vehicle speeds while allowing larger vehicles such as transit and emergency response vehicles to straddle them.  SDOT worked closely with the fire department and pavement engineering staff to properly locate these traffic calming devices throughout the corridor.


To follow-up with these changes, SDOT will conduct additional speed studies to measure the impacts of these traffic calming devices.

If you are interested in traffic calming for your street, please see our Traffic Calming Program page here.