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A New Way to Walk

Near-perfect weather and long hours of sunshine make summer a great time to break out your sneakers (or sandals) and explore our city on foot. However, anyone who has walked around knows how challenging Seattle’s hills can be.

West Bertona Street Stairway

West Bertona Street Stairway after rehabilitation

We have over 500 stairways covering over six miles to help pedestrians get around the city. We just finished work on the West Bertona Street stairway in Magnolia and the South Alaska Place stairway in Columbia City, and they look great!

Existing staircases were replaced with ones made of reinforced concrete. The upgrade also includes new landings and handrails, with a second lower handrail to accommodate children. Several more stairway rehabilitation projects are in the works and will open later this year.

S. Alaska St. Stairway after rehabilitation.

S. Alaska St. Stairway after rehabilitation.

These improvements are part of our Stairway Maintenance and Repair Program. Funding for the South Alaska Stairway comes from SDOT’s Stairway Rehabiltation Fund and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Park and Steet Fund. Funding for the West Bertona Street stairway comes from the Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.