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Paying for Parking by Phone in Seattle is Getting Easier!

PayByPhone, SDOT’s parking by phone vendor, has released an improved re-design of their iPhone app! Android release is coming later this summer.


If you pay for street parking in Seattle, you might have already noticed the new look and feel of the iPhone app, or you can download the new version through the Apple app store!

SDOT offers paying by phone in all areas with paid parking as a convenient, easy, and secure payment option. You may already have benefited from the text message reminders when your parking time was about to expire, or the ability to extend your parking time from your phone. Motorcycle and scooter owners don’t need to figure out where to stick the pay station receipt when they pay by phone. A $0.35 user fee per transaction applies.


With the iPhone app re-design for Seattle, there are several handy new features:

  • Hello Seattle: The Space Needle and our downtown skyscrapers greet you when you open the app so that you know you are buying time here.
  • Purchase time in the early morning hours: Parkers arriving at their destinations before 8 AM can take advantage of the design improvements to buy their time.
  • Reminders: The new app makes it easier to see how much time you have left. Also, later this year, PayByPhone will provide walking distance between you and your parking location, and will offer you an extension if parking time is still available to avoid a ticket or costly fine.
  • You can now organize your vehicles by easily taking a picture of them and assigning a nickname.
  • Adding a new credit card is as easy as using the camera to scan the information, which eliminates manually entering your credit card details.


In March 2016, about 130,000 paid parking transactions in Seattle were made by phone, or 13 percent of all paid parking transactions. Each month this number is growing.

SDOT makes our pay station and pay by phone transaction data available to app developers and data scientists. Check it out here:

For more information see or SDOT at