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Many Neighborhoods Will Enjoy Smoother Streets This Summer

Residents in several Seattle neighborhoods will soon be enjoying the benefits of a special pavement treatment called “microsurfacing.”

ms1Microsurfacing seals minor cracks with a coating that’s less than one-third of an inch thick. It protects the pavement and extends the life of neighborhood streets. This helps the city avoid larger and more expensive repairs later.

We choose the streets to be resurfaced based on the age of the pavement and an on-site inspection. When left untreated, road surfaces can eventually become brittle and may crack. After microsurfacing, it is estimated the pavement will last an additional 7 to 10 years.

2016 Microsurfacing Projects

Between late July and mid-August, people living in the neighborhoods listed below can expect to see our crews hard at work. Check out the neighborhood webpages to learn more about the work and what to expect during microsurfacing.


In the summer of 2015, we microsurfaced 44 lane miles, the total length of traveled pavement surface, spread across 4 neighborhoods. This year we plan to microsurface approximately 60 lane miles.


Please feel free to contact the project team at (206) 727-3669 or by emailing

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Click here to read more information on the process and benefits of microsurfacing.

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