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Safety, Enforcement and Watching Out for Drugs and Explosives

SDOT’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division recently hosted 15 local, national and federal law agencies for training by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on the latest technology and trends to root out criminal activity associated with the use of commercial vehicles, such as transporting narcotics, explosives, stolen goods or being involved money laundering.


Local media talking to SDOT Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer Rodger Bleiler.

Local media crews had the opportunity to see officers use the latest technology including new mobile weigh-in-motion equipment that allows them to “go where the trucks are” to prevent some truck drivers from avoiding freeway weigh stations altogether. As a result, in the first 3 weeks of using the new mobile equipment, officers discovered roughly 40% of the trucks weighed were overweight and they were cited.

One truck was discovered to be 5,000 pounds over its permitted weight and the driver was cited on the spot.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer Rodger Bleiler says the new technology means they are busier than ever, but from a safety standpoint, it’s a good thing for all drivers. Their mission is to improve public safety in the Seattle area by reducing the number of unsafe commercial motor vehicles operating on our roadways through a process of education and enforcement.


Mobile weigh-in-motion technology.

Other technology training included use of X-ray scanners and narcotics- and explosives-sniffing dogs.

SDOT’s top priority is safety and its Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers work to ensure safe travel, education and compliance of commercial vehicle operations throughout the city.

Products and goods move in, around, and out of the city every day. It is critical to ensure goods are moving in an efficient, predictable, and sustained manner so businesses and consumers receive deliveries on time to help maintain the economic health and vibrancy of the city.