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Friendly Safety Reminders for Back to School

Welcome to a new school year!  Safety is our #1 concern and we want to remind you of a few things:

Stopping for a school bus – When the red lights are flashing, there are kids ahead! It is Washington state law to stop for a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing – whether it is on your side of the road, the opposite side or at an intersection you are approaching.



School crossingSlow down when you are driving through school zones – Children have difficulty judging a car’s speed and distance.  When school zone beacons are flashing, the speed limit is 20 MPH, even if children are not present.  Driving at or below 20 MPH gives people driving and children walking more time to see each other and react.

The current fine for speeding in an active school zone is $234.

Speed cameras are installed in 20 MPH school zones at 14 schools throughout Seattle to enforce speeds while the yellow beacons are flashing.

school times map These speed cameras aim to reduce vehicular speeds and improve safety for all during those drop-off and pick-up hours.  Fines collected from these cameras goes towards supporting our Safe Routes to School Program.

More information about our school zone speed camera program 

Have a safe and happy school year!