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Your Voice Has an Impact

It’s National Voter Registration Day today, a day to remind people of the importance of their voice – and not just when you vote for a President. Your voice has a local impact too. It shows in your votes for City Council members, the Mayor, and even program options we present as part of new initiatives. One example is the new Pike People Street pilot program. The main goal of the program is to promote a more pleasant and pedestrian-friendly environment in the busy Pike/Pine Street area.

The Pike People Street program creates a series of pedestrian-only street closures along the Pike/Pine corridor during times of high pedestrian activity. After a series of public workshops, meetings, and personal conversations, SDOT will be testing different options for the Pike People Street project on:

  • October 7, 2016 | Late Night: 11pm-3am
  • October 13, 2016 | Art Walk: 4pm-10pm
  • October 16, 2016 | Daytime: 12pm – 4pm

The three test runs focus on comments we heard from you, including testing programming in the daytime, reconfiguring the space to better relieve congestion and involving local events, like the Art Walk. We’re also looking to add more daytime activities, so feel free to apply with your street performance, sidewalk cafe or other fun idea right herepikepeopletestsFor more info on these testing events, check out our Action Plan 2016. This plan was informed by community feedback collected through emails, personal conversations, and a community design workshop. Your voice has an impact and directly drives many public service efforts. Thank you for taking part!

For more information on the Pike People Street Program, visit