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Transit Kiosks on 3rd Avenue Getting a Makeover

A crew of SDOT and King County Metro personnel have begun a refurbishing project on the 3rd Ave transit kiosks, swapping out 6 of the 10 kiosks along 3rd. This joint effort was needed to retrofit the kiosks with new equipment.

SDOT had 6 temporary kiosks that can be used in the interim until the kiosks can be repaired and placed back into the field. The 6 locations were 3rd Ave & Prefontaine (NB), 3rd Ave & Seneca St (NB & SB), Seneca St & 3rd Ave (EB) and 3rd Ave & Pike St (NB & SB).


Crews used a crane to pick up each kiosk and position them on the street.

The retrofit of the kiosks on 3rd includes new monitors that will perform better in outdoor conditions, and new computers to push the One Bus Away data to the kiosk. Utilizing off the shelf technology gives SDOT the ability to quickly replace malfunctioning hardware.


An SDOT electrician wiring the kiosk for power.

Upgrading the monitors from 32 inches to 42 inches will also provide more transit information than they did before.


Crews putting the final touches on a kiosk at 3rd Ave and Pike St.

The 3rd Ave kiosk retrofit project is expected to be completed in early 2017.