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Construction Hub Coordination in Action

When multiple construction projects are working close to one another, our Construction Hub Coordination Team steps in to minimize their collective impact on mobility. Just this week, we brought contractors together to keep pedestrian access open along Dexter Ave.


Looking southwest along Dexter

While completing work that makes the sidewalk next to their site too dangerous for pedestrians, Mill Creek Residential has temporarily closed the sidewalk on the west side of Dexter. During this closure, a pedestrian detour has been provided on the opposite side of the street. But when BNBuilders, working on the east side of the street, also reached a point in their project where they needed to close the sidewalk, our Hub team stepped in to help the two projects coordinate. Recognizing that closing the sidewalk on both sides of the street was not an option, the project teams met onsite with our Hub coordinator to find an agreeable solution. In the end, Mill Creek agreed to adapt the right of way on their side of the street to accommodate a pedestrian path, while BNBuilders funded the installation of barriers to protect pedestrians walking the new route.

By working together, SDOT and the construction project teams were able to maintain uninterrupted pedestrian access on Dexter, while also keeping both projects on schedule. This is just one example of how our Hub Coordination Team works to keep the public moving, makes it easy for contractors to be good neighbors, and provides for public safety.