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A Closer Look at the Snow Plow Map

On our SDOT home page you’ll see a link to Seattle Winter Weather Resources and that’s where you’ll find our Winter Weather Response Map, or what some people simply call the “snow plow map.”

If we get snow, this handy interactive map can tell you which streets have been plowed or de-iced in the last hour: SDOT sends out a fleet of vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems. The map layers show the recent paths of our trucks, by time frame and type of equipment.


Snapshot of the snow plow route map.

There’s More

Knowing which streets have been plowed after it snows is very useful information for planning your route, but with this map you can also learn:

  • which streets are closed.
  • which streets are our Gold and Emerald priority routes.
  • where important places like police and fire stations, hospitals or community centers are.
  • and even what the road temperatures are!

Snapshot of road temps.

Check out all the info on the Winter Weather Response Map here!