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Ramp Up Seattle

Every year, SDOT builds or replaces 500-1,000 curb ramps to increase access for people using our sidewalks and crosswalks, especially those with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. In late 2016, we held a public meeting and online survey to gather feedback on where ramps are needed most and how they could be improved.

Curb ramp construction in 2016

Curb ramp construction in 2016

Hundreds of Seattle residents gave input on curb ramps, including many living with disabilities, and we are working to incorporate their feedback into future curb ramp construction plans.

  • Participants felt that prioritizing curb ramp improvements serving transit facilities, medical facilities, and public buildings (schools, libraries, community centers, etc.) are most important.
  • The alignment of the curb ramps and the crosswalk is very important to most participants.
  • The collection of water and debris at the bottom of curb ramps is a concern to many.
  • Most participants were not aware that specific curb ramp improvement requests can be made on the SDOT website.
  • Exclusive of curb ramps, many of the participants feel that addressing areas in Seattle where sidewalks are missing should be the highest priority for improvement.
Public meeting at the Center Park Community Room

Public meeting at the Center Park Community Room

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences online or at joined our November 1 meeting at the Center Park Community Room!

Check out the current map of traffic safety features, including curb ramp locations and conditions, here.

If you have any questions about accessibility within the Seattle public right-of-way, we encourage you contact SDOT’s ADA Coordinator, Michael Shaw. He can be reached at (206) 615-1974 or by email at