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Marching into the Weekend

Traveling in the city doesn’t always go as planned. Waking up late, losing the keys, or big events happening where you want to go can sometimes delay your plans. Let us help you travel a little easier by preparing you for upcoming road impacts and potential delays.

There are several events and marches planned for Friday and Saturday throughout Seattle with the possibility of a few unplanned events as well. As traffic conditions change, one of the best sources for information is our Twitter feed @Seattledot, run by the friendly operators in our Transportation Operations Center (TOC).IMG_0196

twitterfeedpicOur feed is updated with real-time incident information in Seattle that our operators gather from traffic detectors, cameras and information service providers. They use this information to manage traffic incidents and let you know what’s going on.

So, during big events, such as those planned for this weekend, our Twitter feed can provide information on closures, congestion and detours to help you navigate through the city. With over 140,000 followers, many updates are reported as they happen, making our twitter feed a trusted, shared resource for travelers.

There are many other SDOT resources to help you navigate the City during large events. We manage, through our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), 200 traffic cameras, and over 100 major events or road closures every month! This allows the traveler’s information website to provide real-time traffic conditions and updates throughout the city and stay up-to-date on planned events and major incidents. You can even get bridge information by following our bridge twitter feed (@SDOTbridges). Our bridge feed has relevant bridge information including closures and delays. And don’t forget to check out our dynamic message signs (DMSs), which often display closures, detour routes, and delays.

However you decide to get the information you need, we hope you travel safely!