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What is a “crossbike”?

We use bright green paint to make crosswalk-like stripes at intersections where bicyclists and drivers have come into conflict. Some people call these striped lanes a “crossbike.” Think of it as a crosswalk for people biking.

One such intersection was E Pine St and Nagle Pl, a block east of Broadway on Capitol Hill. We painted green crosswalk-like stripes in the westbound bike lane of this intersection.


Before and after installing the crossbike on E Pine St and Nagle Pl

Crossbikes are just one tool in our transportation safety toolkit that can bring us closer to our Vision Zero safety goals. The National Association of City Transportation Officials outlines several reasons for intersection crossing markings in their Urban Bikeway Design Guide:

  • Raises awareness for both bicyclists and motorists to potential conflict areas.
  • Reinforces that through bicyclists have priority over turning vehicles or vehicles entering the roadway (from driveways or cross streets).
  • Guides bicyclists through the intersection in a straight and direct path.
  • Reduces bicyclist stress by delineating the bicycling zone.
  • Makes bicycle movements more predictable.
  • Increases the visibility of bicyclists.
  • Reduces conflicts between bicyclists and turning motorists.

We’ve done crossbike intersection markings at other locations around Seattle.


Crossbike on 2nd Ave in Pioneer Square.

We want to thank the businesses and people working and traveling in this area for their support. The goal of our Vision Zero program is to end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030.