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Seattle Transit Riders will get more Late Night Bus Service this Fall

In September 2017, Seattle will more than double its service investment between 2 and 5 a.m., establishing new late-night connections throughout Seattle, and providing late night cross-town transit options for the first time ever.  Currently, Seattle fully funds the Night Owl Network (routes 82, 83, and 84) after a Metro service reduction in fall 2014.

These investments are possible through the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) and the passage of Prop. 1 in November 2014 by Seattle voters.

NightOwl1 2-13-17Seattle will provide a simple, easy-to-use late-night network, balancing the needs for service on high-ridership routes while providing coverage across the city.  To do this, SDOT proposes the following investments:

  • Replace current Night Owl routes 82, 83, and 84 (funded by the City of Seattle) with two late-night round trips on the following routes: 3, 5, 11, 70 – serving neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill, Central Area, Eastlake, Fremont, Green Lake, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, and University District. Other routes already provide late-night service to areas such as South Seattle and West Seattle.
  • Seattle-funded late-night service on routes 65 and 67 serving Northeast Seattle areas including Lake City, Children’s Hospital, and Northgate for the first time.
  • Seattle-funded cross-town connections from Ballard to the University District on route 44 and from Mount Baker to the University District on route 48. These investments expand late-night bus travel options for riders without having to go through downtown and diversifying travel options to, from, and through the University District.

nightowl2 2-13-17

To compliment this network, Metro will fund the following:

  • Add two late-night round trips – at about 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. on route 120 serving Delridge.
  • Provide hourly all-night service on the RapidRide C, D, and E Lines, which currently operate all night but with less than hourly frequencies.
  • Extend Route 124 from Tukwila to Sea-Tac Airport after 1 a.m., increasing options for travelers and workers.

As with all STBD investments, SDOT will monitor the performance of these service investments to ensure we are providing the best system for our riders.  The map shows the Night Owl investments that will be implemented in September 2017.

nightowl3 2-13-17

These service investments are included in the September 2017 Service Change Package Ordinance that has been transmitted to the King County Council.