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Connecting the DOTs

While many of the new President’s cabinet nominees have garnered days of media coverage, a few have flown under the radar. This includes the newly confirmed Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, who could impact SDOT’s work.

Secretary Elaine Chao

The new administration is also proposing a $1 trillion infrastructure package, which if passed, could support needed repairs to roads, bridges, ports, and airports around the country including Seattle. However, no specific legislation has been introduced to date.

Some of the SDOT projects that benefit from federal money include:

westlake pbl best

Westlake Protected Bike Lane opened in fall 2016.

Secretary Chao is the first Asian American woman to be appointed to a cabinet position and has been in public service for many years, including Deputy Secretary of Transportation under George H.W. Bush.

We will continue to provide updates on transportation news in the other Washington that may affect our Washington.