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23rd Avenue Improvements

We reopened 23rd Ave between E John and S Union Streets to two-way traffic on February 28, marking a major milestone for the first phase of the 23rd Ave Corridor Improvements Project. The first phase of the work runs along 23rd Ave between S Jackson St and E John St. The project started in the summer of 2015 and is operationally complete. Some small tasks will continue until the end of March 2017.


Phase I improvements at the intersection of 23rd Ave & E Union St.

The purpose of the project is to improve safety and mobility for all who use 23rd Ave. As an essential arterial connecting various business, residences, and educational institutions, the area serves high volumes of pedestrians, bike riders, and transit users; about 6,000 transit riders daily!


Improvements that were made during Phase 1 included:

  • Modifying 23rd Ave from a 4-lane street to a 3-lane street
  • New pavement
  • Widening sidewalks to at least five feet and repairing broken and buckling sidewalks
  • Installing new street trees
  • Installing new LED streetlights
  • Upgrading traffic signals to give transit priority at key locations
  • Consolidating bus stops to improve transit speed
  • Replacing a 100-year-old water main that runs underneath 23rd Ave
  • Installing public art near 23rd Ave and E Union St
  • Implementing a greenway adjacent to 23rd Ave, to create a quieter, safer route for people to bike and walk

Another view of the Phase I improvements at 23rd Ave & E Union St.

Phase 2 which runs from S Jackson Street to Rainier Ave S is expected to begin late spring/early summer, when we will share the design and official schedule. To be kept up-to-date, you can visit the project webpage or sign up for email updates!