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Moving Transportation Forward

In honor of Women’s History Month for March, we want to highlight some of the amazing contributions women have made in transportation.

In 1923, the Mayor of New York City with famous pilot Amelia Earhart. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Last month, Elaine Chao was named as US Secretary of Transportation for the new administration. Janette Sadik-Khan transformed NYC’s cityscape, creating safe places for people walking and biking. She now works with mayors around the world to re-imagine cities and also serves as chair of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO).

At SDOT, here are just a few of the incredible women who work behind the scenes to keep Seattle moving.

Adiam Emery:

Adiam has been with SDOT for 23 years. She’s the Manager of our Transportation Operation Center (TOC) & Intelligent Transportation System program. She joined SDOT after graduating college and has worked her way up through operations. She wishes that more women were represented in the operations department.

Tracy Krawcyzk:

Tracy has been with SDOT for 15 years. She’s currently the Policy & Planning Division Director, but has also held positions as Capital Project Manager with Sound Transit, and was a transportation and urban planning consultant in Boston. Her transportation hero is Grace Crunican, a former SDOT director.

Carby Resendez:

Carby has been with the city for 35 years. You can hear her voice if you call our SDOT Road Line (684-ROAD) to report a pothole or any other concern that has to do with the right-of-way in Seattle. Carby has worked in Traffic Operations, Sign Records and now in the SDOT Communications office.

Carby with Mayor Ed Murray at an Amazon event.

If you’re interested in a career in transportation, you can find resources like Women in Transportation, a national group dedicated to helping women advance in transportation careers, and Women and Girls Resources, an initiative of the federal government.