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We Want Your Input on Community Requested Projects!

Twelve Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) projects are now underway, and we want to hear from you about early designs and how best to implement these projects, located throughout the city.

The projects were selected in 2016 by the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee for funding through SDOT’s NSF program, which funds projects requested by the community. Please visit the NSF program page, look for the project that interests you, and share your thoughts!

A past NSF project, Maynard Ave S, included curb bulbs, a planting strip and landscaping.

Maynard Ave S before NSF project

Maynard Ave S after NSF project

The NSF has enabled SDOT, the Mayor and City Council to partner with the community to identify, prioritize, fund and build transportation improvements in Seattle’s neighborhoods and business districts. Projects include elements like safe crossings, new walkways, curb bulbs and ramps ramp, bicycle projects, sidewalk upgrades or repairs (consistent with the American with Disabilities Act), and plaza spaces. Funding comes from the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle.

Do you have ideas about how to improve transportation in your neighborhood?

The NSF program has 3-year cycles to select, design and build projects. The next call for applications will be in late 2018 or early 2019, and anyone can propose a project. Mark your calendars!