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Happy National Siblings Day from SDOT!

Most siblings grow up to lead very separate lives, others become co-workers. In honor of Sibling Day, we’re sharing the story of Bob and Bill Burns, who both started working for SDOT more than two decades ago. But Bob and Bill aren’t just siblings who work together – they’re twins!

Back in 1989, Bob Burns began working for SDOT after another city employee recommended him. One year later, and Bob recommended Bill to the same person who hired him. And more than 20 years later, they’re both still here.

Since they started, both Bob and Bill have worked in traffic operations, though in different capacities. Bob primarily deals with new construction and new projects, while Bill’s focus is on existing or proposed traffic concerns and issues. Bill’s work also includes responding to concerns for SDOT, city council members, and the mayor’s issues.

Which is which? Bob is the one on the left, Bill on the right.

Though the two have never been able to carpool because they live in different neighborhoods, Bill says he’s probably given Bob a ride home from work now and then (what are brothers for, right?). And, despite working on different floors, they often get confused for one another. When we asked each of them for a funny story, they shared the same response:

“Since we’re twins, we often have people mistakenly come up and talk to us about projects or issues of which the other twin is involved.” -Bob

“…it becomes clear quickly that they think I’m Bob. I don’t know what they’re talking about regarding specific work and I’ve often never met them.” -Bill

We’ll do our best to keep them straight, but we have a feeling more mix ups are in the future. Happy Sibling Day Bob and Bill!