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More Elbow Room at Sidewalk Cafes

Summer is almost here (or so we’ve heard!) and soon we can enjoy outdoor dining again.

Last year, we launched our new fence-free design option for sidewalk cafes, which allows restaurants to mark off permitted sidewalk cafes with pavement markers instead of the standard 42-inch high fences. Five fence-free sidewalk cafes have been installed so far, and another five have been approved and will be in operation soon.

Ikiiki Sushi in Queen Anne.

Feed & Co. Burgers, Central District.

We will work with participants to install pavement markers on the sidewalk that outline the boundary of the café, as shown in the diagram below. During this pilot, we will test the viability of the fence-free sidewalk café option with applicants who are willing to provide feedback during our evaluation. While the fence-free sidewalk cafés are intended to activate streets, create more vibrant neighborhoods, and support economic vitality, we are committed to ensuring that our streets and sidewalks serve the traveling public. As such, we will pay particular attention to any negative impacts on pedestrian mobility and safety that may arise.

Are you curious about what this would look like for your restaurant? Review our fact sheet and visit our webpage for more details. Feel free to reach out to us with questions or interest in participating: 206-684-9229 or