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Guess who’s baaahh-ck?

You may notice an unusual crowd in Belltown this week if you happen to go by Western Ave and Battery Street – goats!

A herd of 60 of our furry friends from Rent-A-Ruminant are back to help clear overgrown vines, shrubs and blackberry bushes on some of the steep slopes around the city.

For the next couple of weeks, the goats will be chomping their way through Belltown with their wrangler Tammy Dunakin, and then they’ll head to the University District to see what else they can eat.

In case you’re wondering, the City has hired goats before – they are especially agile climbers, so hills in Seattle are not a problem for them if it means getting a meal. They are also naturally curious and will eat anything, which also helps when they’re in a new neighborhood that could use some vegetation cleared out.