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Today is National Dump the Pump Day!

It’s the 12th Annual National Dump the Pump Day, sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), encouraging people to ride public transportation and save money!

According to the APTA, in the Seattle area, you can save nearly $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year by riding transit! Riding public transit can also contribute to healthy neighborhoods by encouraging pedestrian activity, smart growth, and economic development.

Seattle’s First Hill Streetcar

The City of Seattle works closely with King County Metro, Sound Transit and other transit providers to enhance transit service. The City is committed to making transit a more efficient, affordable choice for more people taking a wider variety of trips.

We’re building projects and planning for the future.

“As we look for ways to dump the pump today and everyday, more people in Seattle are turning to transit. While the City is not the major transit provider we embrace the transit system as if we are, with the goal to help make your ride on the bus or train through the city as fast and reliable as possible,” said Andrew Glass Hastings, SDOT’s Transit & Mobility Director. His team is working hard to deliver these projects:

  • The voter approved Move Seattle levy provides funding for transit corridor improvements, including seven new RapidRide corridors.
  • The Seattle Transportation Benefit District provides funding for the City to purchase transit service from King County Metro.
  • The City owns the South Lake Union and First Hill streetcar lines and contracts with Metro for operations. Later this year construction begins on the Center City Connector which will connect the two existing streetcar lines through the heart of Downtown.
  • See other transit improvement projects we are working on.

Also, June is Ride Transit Month!  Let us help you find and plan a transit trip, with our Rider Tools resource page.