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Alley Makeover

Construction to reactivate Canton Alley in the heart of Seattle’s Chinatown-International District was recently completed. Like so many of our urban alleys, its pavement had been in very poor condition and it had become a hot spot for criminal activities. However, with Canton Alley being immediately adjacent to the Wing Luke Museum on S King St, it was an ideal location to reclaim the space.

Canton Alley before (top) and after (bottom) improvement work.

With attractive concrete pavers now running down the middle of the freshly repaved alley, along with the expected installation of culturally appropriate overhead lighting, the alley will be an ideal location for outdoor community events.  In addition, the century old storefronts along Canton Alley, long vacant with a single exception, may well again open to commerce as more pedestrians venture into the space.

Partnering with the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development Authority (SCIDpda), SDOT was able to secure sufficient funding through grants from both the federal government and the City to repave the northern half of the alley between S King and S Weller streets.

Future rendering of Canton Alley.

Canon Alley is the first of three such alley reactivation projects this year. The other two are in Pioneer Square and slated to begin construction this fall. SDOT is partnering with the Alliance for Pioneer Square to reactivate both Nord and Pioneer Passage alleys.  More information about all three alleys can be found on the project website, located at