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Judkins Park Station Study Looks at Access for All

SDOT is working with the Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) to look at access to the Sound Transit Judkins Park light rail station set to open in 2023. We’ve been collaborating with the community to identify infrastructure needs that will support active modes of transportation and the needs of the community in general.

Lighthouse for the Blind is located within the study area and is an important work and gathering space for blind and deaf/blind community members. Staff from the Lighthouse for the Blind recently met with SDOTĀ to talk about accessibility around Judkins Park station.

They expressed strong support for improving accessibility in the area by increasing the availability of accessible pedestrian signals (APS) with audible tones and vibrotactile surfaces throughout the half-mile station area, and improving wayfinding and sidewalk conditions.

A tactile map was one of the tools used to identify potential Judkins Park station access improvements.

We’ll continue working together to address the community’s transportation needs to ensure better access to the future station. For more info, check out the Judkins Park Station Access Study.