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Fremont Troll Oversees New Traffic Control Signal at N 34th St

Ok, the troll is actually two blocks away from this intersection, but he can still see the brand new traffic control signal our crews just installed right down the hill at N 34th St and Troll Ave N.

We also added new crosswalk markings in all directions to improve safety for all travelers – pedestrians, bikers and drivers. It’s all part of our Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Seattle’s streets by 2030.

A big thanks to our neighbor Shanna Braga who flipped the switch and turned on the power to the new traffic control signal! “This is a great addition to the neighborhood. We’ve seen the neighborhood grow significantly in the last four years. I appreciate all the work SDOT has put into it and worked with us and the Fremont Association,” says Shanna.

“I’ll be waiting!” says the Troll.

Stay tuned for the new all-way stop just up the street at N 36th St, right in front of the Fremont Troll!