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Crosswalk Math!

When voters approved the Levy to Move Seattle in 2015, they agreed to fund a lot of really great stuff:

But you may have missed one of the big commitments that we put forward: crosswalks!

Under the levy, SDOT agreed to repaint crosswalks every 4 years or sooner. To make sure we’re hitting our 4-year or better goal, you have to do a little math. Seattle has 5,357 marked crosswalks. So as long as we’re re-marking 1,340 or more crosswalks per year, we’re meeting or exceeding our goal.

Here comes the kicker! This year, SDOT crews have already repainted 1,523 marked crosswalks. We’ve already beat our 2017 goal of 1,500!

It’s not always a simple math equation. Sometimes we repaint crosswalks more frequently than every four years for safety concerns or because they’re heavily used. But you can consider this another Levy to Move Seattle accomplishment signed, sealed, and delivered in 2017!