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Ride Seattle Streetcars for FREE on Tues., Dec. 12!

South Lake Union Streetcar, Seattle.

Happy Anniversary South Lake Union Streetcar! Tuesday, December 12, marks the tenth anniversary of service for the South Lake Union line of the Seattle Streetcar. In celebration of ten years of service, all rides on City of Seattle streetcars will be free on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Thank you for riding Seattle streetcars!

Seattle has grown!

Seattle has grown leaps and bounds since the South Lake Union Streetcar launched¬†on December 12, 2007. South Lake Union (SLU) was already showing signs of growth from the early 2000’s. There were 2.2 million square feet of office space pre-2004 with about 21,000 jobs. Now there are 11.6 million square feet of office and life science space with 52,000 jobs! As for housing prior to ’04 there were 1,200 units for sale and rent, in 2017 there are 11,700 units for sale or rent.

As Seattle’s unprecedented growth continues, we’ve added more reliable, more frequent, and faster transit service with the extension of the RapidRide C Line to SLU in March 2016. We’re excited that you can share in celebrating 10 years of Streetcar service by taking a free ride. Look for more similar ride opportunities in the weeks ahead.

Connecting the missing link.

The First Hill Streetcar launched service in January 2016¬† joining SLU as the City’s second streetcar line. The Center City Connector is the missing link that will join the South Lake Union and First Hill Streetcar lines, creating new north-south connections that will allow for easy rail transit connections throughout the core of downtown. Construction began in fall 2017 and will provide better transit connectivity to Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, Link light rail at Westlake, Pioneer Square, and the stadiums. We look forward to celebrating the completion of the Center City Connector and having more choices in getting around our great city.

Ride the Seattle Streetcars for FREE on Tues., 12.12.17!