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The new Seattle Accessible Route Planner

Improving access for all. Curb ramps on Dravus Street.

It’s been a year since we launched the Seattle Accessible Route Planner, an online tool that helps travelers, particularly those of us living with disabilities, to navigate the city’s sidewalks, curb ramps, and street crossings. We’ve updated a few thing: added functions, improved its look and feel, and hopefully, made it more user-friendly. So, check it out and let us know what you think!


What’s Changed?

The name.

It used to be the City of Seattle Curb Ramp Map and Accessible Route Planner. Yes, that’s a mouthful! Now we call it the Seattle Accessible Route Planner and it has a new online address, too. So if you’ve bookmarked it, please update your Favorites!

It looks different.

The original planner used the satellite image of the city with brightly colored dotted lines to show accessible routes:

The original planner used the satellite image of the city.

The updated planner uses the ‘map view’ which makes the map and its features easier to look at:

New Seattle Accessible Route Planner view.

If you do want to use the satellite view, you can always change it. Just click the Basemap Gallery button at the top left of the screen (it looks like a window) and click on the map view that says  “City of Seattle: 2015 Hybrid”

Satellite view

We updated the map legend.

Curb ramps and sidewalks now use solid lines to show what condition they’re in. Orange is used to show how steep a street is.


It’s easier to give us feedback.

Just click the blue banner at the top –  you can Report Data Inconsistencies, make an ADA request or just give us your general feedback, which we really appreciate!


The Seattle Accessible Route Planner is updated every day with information that can help people better plan their routes around the city. We hope you’ll take a look, click around, and tell us what you think!


For more ADA general information, please visit our website.