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More people are cycling on 2nd Ave than ever before!

Cyclists and 2nd Avenue PBL looking…?!

If you build it, they will come.

Back in February 2018, we shared some exciting cycling news when we opened up a new section of our city’s connected bike path from Pike Street to Denny Way extending the existing 2nd Avenue Protected Bike Lane (PBL) to Yesler Way – 23 blocks of bicycling glory! So guess what? People are using it! Like a lot and in record numbers!

The world record? probably not, but exciting nonetheless.

Speaking of world record…

Meanwhile, back in Seattle…

Between January through March, ridership increased over ?38%?with a daily average of 596 riders compared to this same time last year. 2017’s cold and rainier season may have had a little influence on the numbers but we’re still proud of you, Seattle! We’re loving the sight of you using this mode of transportation on the PBLs.


Here’re a few snapshots from our 2nd Avenue bike counter.

2018 is off to a great start! | 2nd Ave PBL Ridership | Annual Comparison By Month

2nd Ave PBL Ridership | Annual Comparison By Week


More people are riding downtown than ever before and we attribute that to the availability of protected bike lanes and free-floating bike share.


2nd Ave PBL Ridership | Weekday Daily Average

Weekday Ridership 

We’re seeing more people riding during the work week with a weekday average of 729 daily riders – a 34% increase in ridership from this time last year. We had our highest count on Wednesday, March 14, with 1,251 riders!

You’re awesome, Seattle! ?????


2nd Ave PBL Ridership | Weekday Hourly Average


2nd Ave PBL Ridership | Weekend Daily Average

Weekend Ridership

More people are using the bike lanes during the weekend. We’re seeing 223 daily weekend riders, which is a 58% increase compared to this time last year.


2nd Ave PBL Ridership | Weekend Hourly Average


Coming soon!

2nd Avenue PBL Report

The 2nd Avenue PBL report is in the works and slated for a fall release so we can have August data with the new bicycle facility (7th Avenue) to show you the roll-up of summer ridership.


7th Avenue PBL

The weather is getting nicer and days are longer making for some fine riding weather. Our team has been working to get the 7th Avenue PBL connection to the Convention Center (between Westlake Avenue and Union Street connecting with Pike and Pine Streets) ready for you! We’re looking at a late April, early May opening.


Bike Lanes on Pike & Pine Streets

Keep a lookout because we’re installing bike lanes on Pine Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in the coming months!


These connections give you more options and choices on how to get around our super cool cycle-friendly city.

More people are riding downtown than ever before and we attribute that to the availability of protected bike lanes and free-floating bike share.

Cyclists on the 2nd Avenue PBL.

Get out there for a ride!

We’re a bike-friendly city. So we have a few hills (we’ve got free-floating electric-assist bikes!) and some rain, but that shouldn’t stop you! We’re Pacific Northwesterners and wet hair don’t care!? Learn how to use Seattle’s bike lanes. Here’re a printable bike map and one for on-the-go.


Try out the new SR 520 trail across the Lake WA or explore the many city bike trails. We have trail maps for that too. We have a beautiful city and so many ways to enjoy it!


Opportunities to ride.

Image by Cascade Bicycle Club

Maybe you need a little encouragement to get started? The month of May is Bike Month and National Bike to Work MonthSeattle Parks and Recreation opens up a portion of Lake Washingon Boulevard (closed to motorists) from 10 AM to 6 PM for pure wind in your face cycling, jogging, or strolling enjoyment and it kicks off May 20!


Cascade Bicycle Club is also hosting a couple of upcoming rides with 2018 Bike Everywhere Month. They’re also hosting the Emerald City Ride presented by Kaiser Permanente to give riders a car-free ride across the Alaskan Way Viaduct before it’s demolished! A historic ride to say the least.


Know before you go.

Be sure to cycle? through the Rules of the Road. In case you’re wondering – we want to demystify the case to helmet or not to helmet.


It’s the law! If you need a little help getting a helmet, here’s a list of where to grab a low-cost bike helmet. Seattle Children’s has a great resource on a three-point check guide to make sure your helmet has a proper fit. They’re hosting free bike helmet fittings and giveaways for children 1 to 18 years old.

The next Seattle fitting is:

Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018
Time: 1 to 4 p.m.
Location: Garfield Community Center, 2323 E Cherry St., Seattle, WA 98122

Watch this!

Developer Christian Gunter explains why protected bike lanes and other transportation infrastructure are important for a growing city.



Get the skinny on our bike network. Here’re a few resources:

Protected Bike Lanes.

2nd Avenue Mobility Improvements.

7th Avenue Mobility Improvements.

Bicycle Master Plan & Bicycle Network.

Request a bike rack.


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